A solid building material used for thousands of years – unusually durable and classically beautiful. Clients appreciate its colour, beautiful grain pattern and discreet, rustic character of the oak wood. What’s more, oak colours are intense, brown and with lots of shades. Exposed to sunlight, they darken slightly and take on depth. An oak floor ages gracefully and takes on a new character.


The oak wood responds well to refinement. Consequently, enthusiasts for floors made of this material can choose from a vast array of surfaces finished with coloured stains, oils (e.g. ECO oils, clear or coloured), varnishes (e.g. matt or semi-matt), which can additionally be bevelled. Enthusiasts for innovative solutions tend to choose floors subjected to the brushing process, which enhances the natural wood structure. To lovers of retro styles we offer hand-distressed floors.


Oak floors are exceptionally resistant to wear and tear, and therefore they perform well in interiors with high traffic (e.g. kitchen, living room, hallway) and over under-floor heating systems. Our offer includes oak floors in many shades – both classical and more avant-garde ones, such as pure white, dark chocolate or… ivory, if only that is what you wish for.


The list of the advantages of ash is very long. It’s not surprising then that this durable, colourful and neutral material has for many years now been also popular with enthusiasts for wooden floors. What’s more, some say that stylish ash floors affect the atmosphere of the interior both with their appearance and magical power…


A characteristic trait of ash wood appreciated by lovers of natural wood flooring is its high colour variation. Light colours, not infrequently featuring even within one element, look particularly spectacular next to dark browns (from the central part of the heartwood) and subdued yellow-brown colour schemes.


Ash colours constitute a perfect basis for designing interiors in various styles and different colour schemes. Ash floors go well with furniture in vivid colours, but also perfectly complement interiors with décor in the Scandinavian style. Ash is a perfect material to be refined with stains, varnishes and oils of various colours. Furthermore, heat-treated ash flooring is becoming more and more popular, as in the process it takes on an intense dark brown colour reminiscent of exotic wood.

Baltic Wood floors are manufactured exclusively from natural wood. Its features are shaped by nature, and so oak boards are available in several subtly different shades. This is to cater for both lovers of a highly rustic character and those who value oaken delicacy.

Lovers of boards in subdued colours and uniform patterns will find the lines of Elegance and Classic pleasing. Both feature quite uniform, subdued colours of wood, and no sapwood, that is sections in lighter shades. They have small (Elegance) and medium-sized (Classic) knots.

Two grades of wood with a slightly more pronounced colour variation, and so in more contrasting shades of wood. Both feature occasional sapwood, while the accentuation of knots is medium (Villa) and high (Unique).

Three shades of boards of the most rustic character. They all feature sharp contrasts between shades of wood, and markedly pronounced large knots. While all the boards are distinctive, they differ in the amount of sapwood, that is wood in the lightest colour.