Quality above all

Creating floors of the highest quality is our main goal and priority in the strategy of the company development. Consequently, in Poland we are the leading manufacturer of natural wood flooring, and on many of the European markets we are reckoned among the top companies of this kind.
We implement the strategy of the Baltic Wood development in the following manner:

  • we continually strive to increase the share of our products in the domestic and international markets,
  • we consolidate the company’s image by supplying products of the highest quality and doing that always on time,
  • all the processes – designing, planning, manufacturing and delivering the goods – are based on a single, coherent Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.

Creating flooring of the highest quality is also possible thanks to our skilful and smooth running of the company and transparent standards. And so the Baltic Wood management regularly:

  • monitor the level of customer satisfaction and continually improve the provided services,enhance the technologies in place, as well as look for state-of-the-art solutions, always paying attention to quality issues,
  • continually streamline the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System as the factor consolidating the whole of the company's organisational processes,
  • care to increase the qualifications of the company staff, building a perfectly organised team capable of fully using their expertise,
  • fulfil all the requirements resulting from the regulations concerned with quality,
  • minimise the use of lumber through a continual improvement of the manufacturing technology,
  • limit the emission of pollution generated during the manufacturing process,
  • wisely use the lumber remains for energy generation, economically utilise thermal and electrical energy,
  • sort waste in fulfilment of legal requirements,
  • pursue a transparent and open quality policy in relation to all the stakeholders,
  • continually improve qualifications and environmental awareness of all the employees.