Painters Collection™

A collection of oak wooden floors in the pattern of 1-row full plank. The floor surfaces in fashionable colours have been refined and secured with elegant, supermatt varnish, which looks like oil, but it’s ease to clean like varnish. Each floor is brushed and has micro-bevel on 2 or 4 sides of the board, which emphasizes its’ modern character.

The floors can be installed over a floor heating system.

Baltic Wood floors are manufactured only from natural wood, and that is why the shade, occurrence of knots, ring pattern and grain structures of particular elements – boards, slats etc. – can differ from one another as well as in relation to the photos included in all Baltic Wood marketing materials. The natural variation can be noticed when comparing the final product with the samples presented at the exposition. The wood variety is a natural feature of this noble raw material, determining its beauty and uniqueness.