If you have chosen a wood species and a type of floor finish, now it’s time to think about the assembly. It is an important job – careful installation of the boards, in accordance with the instructions for a given type of floor will guarantee its service for many years to come, offering a sight gladdening the eye and providing the evidence that choosing Baltic Wood was the right thing to do. Here’s a handful of assembly tips.

Adhesive-free assembly
BALTIC LOC™ 2G and 5G – two cutting-edge adhesive-free floor assembly systems offered by Baltic Wood. They facilitate quick floor installation (in the case of 5G – 1m2 = 1 minute of work) and do not require use of any other tools.

Traditional assembly
To those who prefer classical solutions, Baltic Wood offers floors with a traditional assembly system involving use of adhesive. The T&G assembly system guarantees a durable joint and maximum joint stability.

Under-floor heating
Selected wood species, e.g. oak, ash, merbau, will perform perfectly in floors with under-floor heating. Take advantage of our assembly tips and rest assured that Baltic Wood boards will serve you many years.

Do you need help?
To all those who choose to assemble the floor on their own we offer detailed instructions that will facilitate the task.