About us

Baltic Wood is a combination of three things – love of wood, knowledge about its specialist working and interest in design. We create flooring with character, which makes it possible to transfer the unique wood patterns into our clients' home and office interiors. We take great care that our boards are durable, withstand the passage of time and wear and tear, as well as are easy to maintain. We follow the latest design so as to be able to cater to all manner of tastes – both the classical and the more avant-garde ones. We do all this every day for our clients to stay confirmed in their conviction that Baltic Wood is the best choice.









Our offer includes a floor for everyone

A wooden floor is not just about boards in a classical, subdued shade of wood, even though our classics cater to a faithful circle of enthusiasts. The Baltic Wood offer includes more than 80 floors making up 4 collections. The Timeless Collection™ includes distinguished-looking, artistically hand-distressed floors with character. The No Limits Collection™ includes oak floors with an ultra-thick layer of noble wood, which offer a multi-year service and even nine-fold renovatability. The Melody Collection™ includes classical and elegant floors which subtly accentuate that which is the most beautiful – the wood character. Last but not least, the Jeans Collection™ - a line of fashionable, economic and easy-to-install floors with a cutting-edge, blockbusting colour scheme. Choice is yours!