Wooden floor, that is…

The wooden flooring market offers a wealth of products of differing quality.
So how to choose those that will keep their good look and functionality for many years, and will be easy to maintain and renovate? It’s worth learning the structure of a floorboard to know what aspects to pay attention to while choosing floors for particular interiors. The Baltic Wood offer features floors with a three-layered structure, which is exceptionally resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations in the interior throughout the year.

Structure of a multi-layered floor

A Baltic Wood floor is composed of three layers. The top layer made of noble wood (2.7 mm – 6.6 mm thick) is covered with seven coats of varnish or two coats of oil. On the floor surface, both finishes make up a thin, flexible and durable protective coating. The middle layer (approx. 8.9 mm thick) includes transverse spruces slats that strengthen the floor flexibility. The bottom layer (approx. 1.6 mm thick) is made of uniform spruce veneer, which stabilises and stiffens the whole structure.

How are Baltic Wood floors finished?

Natural beauty does not need improvement. Using the supreme-quality finish, we only enhance the beauty, lending a proper setting to it. Baltic Wood uses products of the highest quality to refine floor surfaces. The technology involves applying subsequent coatings of varnish or oil with the aid of special equipment fitted with systems for precise calibration of the number of coatings applied. In addition, applying the coatings on several elements makes it possible to maintain a very high degree of repeatability and uniformity of the surface finish.

Three-layered floor – perfect for under-floor heating

Most of the three-layered floors on Baltic Wood offer are fit for installation over under-floor heating systems, both the electricity- and water-based ones. However, it must be borne in mind that a wood species compatible with this type of heating (e.g. oak, ash) should be chosen, and proper conditions for floor installation should be assured.

A well-cared-for floor will offer you a multi-year service

High durability of multi-layered floors is their decided advantage. If you care for them and properly maintain them, the wood will continue to be a fine decoration of your interiors for many years. Dust and sand are the main enemies of wood, as they can cause small scratches. Hence, it is worth hoovering the floorboards with a dedicated brush attachment. Remember to gently mop the floor with water mixed with a special maintenance agent.