beige ECO oil brushed 2mV

Distinctly rustic character, sharp wood colour and pattern contrasts, large knots, acceptable sizeable sapwood without limitation in surface or quantitative share in the batch. Available also in 2200/148/ 14 mm 5G and 2200/182/14 mm 4mV 5G.


Finish: ECO oil brushed 2mV

  • hard wood
  • becomes slightly darker
  • 4-sided microbevel
  • 2-sided microbevel
  • floor heating: yes
  • adhesive-free instalation system 2LOC
  • quickest adhesive-free instalation system 5G
  • Slim Size 2200x148x14mm
  • Superior Size 2200x210x14mm
  • Premium Size 2200x182x14mm
  • guarantee 30 years