A new size of flooring in the JEANS SHORT collection – more possibilities for modern interiors

A choice of a perfect floor, its suitability for the room and individual preferences are some of the most crucial design decisions. Baltic Wood here comes with help in creating cosy interiors in keeping with the latest trends, as it extends the JEANS COLLECTION of denim-inspired floors to include additional, shorter sizes. Thus, the new line of JEANS SHORT products increases its décor potential, also in small interiors.

Baltic Wood, a manufacturer of natural wood floors, markets new sizes of oak floors from the popular JEANS collection, which combines fashionable design with durability and extensive design possibilities. The patterns in the popular JEANS COLLECTION are now available in a smaller version of JEANS SHORT – 1080x148x13.3mm. The collection comprises 7 most fashionable hues – ranging from white, to beige and brown. The long side features a visually attractive microbevel, thanks to which the boards visually appear longer. The floor takes on an interesting aesthetic effect of marking out individual wooden elements.
Designers and investors can still take advantage of the previous range of the JEANS line of floors in the 1-row pattern, as well as the 3-row slat pattern, the standard dimensions being 2200x148x13.3mm and 2190x182x13.3mm respectively. The enriched offer makes it possible to get the floor ideally suited to the design guidelines, and the choice depends on the preferences and the effect you want to achieve.

Fashionable style, oaken durability

JEANS COLLECTION wooden floors from Baltic Wood made their debut on the Polish market last year. Inspired by fashion and designer fabrics, the collection perfectly tied in with the current design trends – the Scandinavian, rustic and loft styles, as well as the popular philosophy of hygge. Owing to its universal character and subdued colour scheme, the floors perform well in interiors designed according to both the fashionable eclecticism and noble minimalism.

The JEANS COLLECTION floors are characterised by a three-layered structure, with a 2.7mm-thick top layer, which enables two-time renovation. Made exclusively of natural wood, they preserve their quality – good technical parameters and unique design – for a long time. Thanks to the brushing process, all the boards feature visible wood structure – a unique grain and knot pattern. All the products can be installed over an underfloor heating system.
Until the end of March 2018 all the new JEANS SHORT models are available at special and attractive prices. Seek the details with the distributors. A list of these is available at www.balticwood.pl.