Parents-to-be are faced with a great deal of challenges. One of them is decoration of the children’s room. The task entails such dilemmas as the choice of wall colours and a cot. Choosing a suitable floor is also important, for it has to match up to the parents’ requirements and the tiny tot’s needs.

Choose durability
It is crucially important to take your time while choosing the floor, for it will serve as the basis for the whole room. On it, the little one will be crawling, taking its first steps and putting a variety of toys to the test. Being therefore exposed to scratches, flooring needs to be above all sturdy. Most wooden floors currently available on the market are manufactured from popular and fashionable oak. This species is characterised by extreme hardness, and so is ideally suited to rooms most vulnerable to intense wear and tear. There are also more heavy-duty species, e.g. Canadian maple or exotic varieties, but they are considerably less popular.
Besides the wood species, it is also necessary to choose the right finish. Varnish and oil are refining and hardening substances. – Varnish is more durable, but renovation of damage to the surface will be more time-consuming. Oil needs more frequent renovation, but its saving grace is the fact that the user can repair any damage on their own. Proper care and maintenance must also be borne in mind. By using recommended agents of the Baltic Protect System line, you can assure a delightful look of the floor for many years to come – explains Piotr Wójcikiewicz, Product Manager at Baltic Wood.

Provide your child with safety
As you consider a variety of décor arrangements in your children’s room, make sure you think in terms of the future. Remember that the little one will soon start crawling on all fours, and then its little hands will come into contact with the flooring. Hence, you need to ensure cleanliness and safety. The great advantage of wood is its antistatic and hypoallergenic properties, which are tremendously significant for the baby’s health. Firstly, the floor does not gather dust, unlike synthetic materials, and so it is much easier to keep it clean. Secondly, wood does not contain substances that might induce allergy – this is important, because children are prone to allergens.

Go for interesting décor
A child develops its sense of aesthetics in relation to the surroundings. And so its room should be fitted out in style and with character. It is worth settling on light colours, as they make the interior look more spacious. Pastel colours perform well on walls. As regards the floor, you can choose the hugely popular bleached wood or greys with visible structure in the rustic style. Those who prefer traditional solutions may of course go for classics. Natural flooring in warm hues will make the room cosy. What’s more, it will go well with various styles – ranging from a classic children’s room to a loft-style interior favoured by teenagers.
Good-quality natural wood, treated with appropriate preservation agents is a choice that will perfectly deliver in a children’s room. Wooden flooring affords comfort and is renovatable. Thanks to proper working technologies and a variety of stains, the range of styles, colours and patterns is very wide.