This season the house is not only to be cosy, but it must also bond us with nature. We’re waving goodbye to the cold modernism and returning to classical styles. A floor is always the basis for any interior, and so it’s worth checking what patterns are currently in fashion.

1. Natural structure
Exposing the natural character of wood is the in-thing. Sprawling knots show its original form, and the visible grain pattern, heartwood and sapwood lend it an ascetic and yet refined character. Matt varnish or transparent oil finishes enhance that which in a given wood species is the most beautiful – natural colour schemes and patterned structures. This type of flooring well complements warm textiles and chic accessories.

– This season a rustic board is in, with its strongly enhanced natural beauty, brought out in the brushing and bevelling processes. The pronounced structure and markedly contrasting knots and sapwood are all the rage this season, and so they are arousing more and more interest among the customers both in Poland and abroad – says Magdalena Marek, a member of the management board of Baltic Wood.

2. Distressed wood
Hand-distressing of wood, which is obtained in the brushing, ribbing, woodworming and planing process, makes its structure even more pronounced. Flooring in this style becomes a spectacular ornament of the room. It ideally performs in traditional and modern interiors, relieving the monotony and introducing the popular industrial atmosphere. It is worth choosing such a floor if you care to impart a loft-like style to your interior and at the same time wish for it to remain cosy. If you follow hygge, the Danish philosophy of life, a floor like this will be right for your personality.

3. Herringbone
A floor installed in the herringbone pattern makes us think of beautiful bourgeoisie manor houses and townhouses. Over the years forgotten, now it is becoming fashionable anew. This pattern lends elegance and refinement to the interior. It is a perfect complement to large and airy layouts, which thus become cosier and warmer. If you are up for a classical style, it is worth choosing chocolate shades, while lovers of modernity should go for light hues.

4. Slim boards
Slim boards of differing lengths are a perfect solution for interiors with atypical dimensions. – The slim floors have been sweeping our interiors. You can freely combine them with broad boards or three-row slats with identical finishes so as to preserve a uniform floor appearance throughout your home. They come in a variety of style and colour versions, and so they will easily meet the expectations of the most discriminating clients – adds Magdalena Marek.

5. Bleached wood
The Scandinavian style is another trend that bleached flooring best corresponds with. Cream colourings, whites and light greys lend a breath of fresh air to the interior and visually enlarge the space. Such a solution will deliver in small rooms and the ones which are situated on the northern side and thus do not get much daylight. An interior fitted with such a floor looks very subtle and invites a selection of distinctive ornaments.