Natural materials, minimalism and harmony are the current trends in the contemporary interior decoration. The final effect is affected by such details as wooden skirting perfectly matching the floor. How to choose a proper match and what aspects to pay attention to while designing flooring-related finish?

While designing the home space, it’s worth paying attention to the minutest details. One of them is the skirting, the colour scheme, size and shape of which may determine the appearance of the interior. As designers and users create interiors in keeping with the latest trends, they more and more often decide to use wooden flooring and perfectly matching skirting made of the same material. To cater to the investors’ individual requirements, Baltic Wood, a manufacturer of floors made exclusively of natural wood, has extended its offer of floors to include skirting dedicated to particular collections.

Harmonious elegance
As we choose to have a wooden floor, we can achieve the best result by encircling it with skirting made of the same kind of wood and in the same colour scheme. A perfect match between the two elements will help avoid a contrast and result in the effect of a uniform whole. The skirting of the same wood thus becomes a natural continuation of the floor, enlarging its surface and visually expanding the space.

– Natural wooden flooring lends an elegant and friendly character to interiors, and perfectly matched finishing elements discreetly emphasise the style, but do not dominate the interior – explains Piotr Wójcikiewicz, Baltic Wood brand expert. – 6cm-high skirting will greatly perform in interiors with light and dark floors, imparting gentleness and a subtle style to them – advises the Baltic Wood expert.

Aesthetic and practical
Natural materials, minimalism and harmony are the current trends in interior design. Wooden skirting harmoniously combined with the floor may be applied in both modern décor arrangements and interiors arranged in a traditional style. This de rigueur decorative element also serves practical functions. Thanks to a properly matched skirting board we can fashion the proportions of the floor or walls, cover expansion gaps, and hide leads and wires. The skirting board protects the wall at the junction with the floor against dirt, dampness and damage. Hence, a well-thought-out decision should be based on the choice of products made of top-class natural materials which will prove to be durable for many years of service.

– Choosing skirting and flooring from the collection by the same producer will guarantee a uniform colour palette over the years. Constant availability of skirting boards on Baltic Wood offer helps maintain aesthetic consistency even if the need arises to replace a fragment or adjust solutions in adjacent rooms – adds Piotr Wójcikiewicz.

Six perfect matches from Baltic Wood
As we try to accommodate the latest trends, Baltic Wood has prepared a special offer of perfectly matching flooring and skirting. Six top-quality wooden floors with perfectly matched skirting boards include the hugely popular oak and ash patterns. As they gently match pastel colours, light and classical shades of wood in the varnished and semi-matt versions will allow designers and investors to implement customised plans.